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Ar. Deepak Kumar Singh

COA | B. Arch | M. Tech (IIT-Roorkee)

(COA – Member, Council of Architecture )

(B. Arch- Architecture & Building Construction Technology)

(M. Tech- Infrastructure System & Planning)

Ar. Deepak Kumar Singh is a strong architect and leader on the Higher Education team at Cavaedium Opus Architects & Planners. Through the WELL Building certification process, Deepak deepened his knowledge and appreciation of designing the built environment to benefit its end- use inhabitants. He has worked on a wide variety of projects and excels when space programming for the current and future needs of clients. Deepak has a keen eye for the adaptive reuse of spaces, and his technical skills bring about his innovative ideas and designs. In pursuit of living the good life, Deepak loves feeding his soul with good music, his body with lap swimming on lunch breaks, and his mind with daydreaming while sitting in trees and doing hands- on building projects.

Ar. Deepak Kumar Singh



Design Collaborative focuses on people-first places, designing spaces that are well-crafted, purposeful, and remarkable, with an emphasis on delivering client goals and objectives.

Nearly one-third of our staff specializes in architecture, ranging from recent college graduates to registered architects with over 10 years of experience, to specialized architects who lead the way in healthcare, education, workplace, and financial design. We’re built for creative problem-solving, putting time and effort into finding meaningful design solutions specific to every project need. Our experience includes a range in project types, complexities, and size – from small renovations and additions to expansions and new construction across the nation. Ultimately, our mission is to improve people’s worlds– one space, one building, one opportunity at a time.


It’s not always easy to know exactly what direction a projectshould go in

COAP starts with programming in order to help you discover your goals and work out the details behind those goals. Before design, we begin with a general draft and help you identify your goals and objectives. Together, we dive into research and decision-making, which leads us to discovering the precise characteristics of your space. Successful programming results in a clear design that is specific to your vision.


Design Collaborative offers full facility assessments that analyze the current condition of a facility, including age, design, materials, and construction methods.

These facility assessments determine all of the elements of a facility that are in need of attention and prioritizes these needs based on how quickly they will need to be addressed. Design Collaborative created the SMART Tool for clients, a system that breaks down facility assessments into manageable components and organizes the information to make the assessment process easy to understand.


The WELL Building Standard measures and certifies the health and well-being of the built environment.

It considers several elements, including air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. Cavaedium Opus’s WELL certified experts design spaces that are best for the users’ overall health and well-being.


Master planning helps define what the needs and goals of a site are. It guides the big-picture plan needed to accomplish these goals.

Design Collaborative assists clients in determining a long-range plan that balances all elements involved, connecting the site to its natural environment, social settings, and other buildings. This enables clients to define their vision for the site and turn that vision into reality. Whether it’s for large corporate campuses, higher education campuses, medical centers, or community and civic projects, our design team is well-versed in master planning and will guide you through the process to reach your goals.


To discover your vision, we dive into a deep, interactive visioning process, laying out all possibilities.

We identify project priorities and significant values through extensive research, analysis, and visualization exercises. Our goal is to make the process smooth and simple for you, while making sure that we explore every angle to create the best plan for you spatially, financially, and based on your vision.


For owners considering a new site or exploring how to best use their existing property, Design Collaborative architects and master planners use site planning services, site selection knowledge, and feasibility studies to lay the groundwork for a vision.

The team can identify the best sites for the potential size, scale, and program of a future campus or building. They take into consideration the building’s use, orientation for optimum day lighting and energy conservation, site features, and more. Massing options are explored, such as entry points, green space, drainage, and visibility. Computer models and renderings are used, followed by a feasibility study, to fully understand your vision. We incorporate knowledge from consultants to develop the best solution.